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Creating an online presence locally can be difficult for small businesses.
We know that you are pulled in many directions on a day to day basis.
Let our experts propel your business forward.

stand out from competitors

Our web design services can help rediscover your business's image in the Internet marketplace. The blending of style and technology we offer, in conjunction with our expertise enables your business to succeed on the Web.

Studley's specializes in creating unique, high-end web designs, print, and multimedia. Our talented staff is constantly striving to deliver products that exceed your expectations. Our goal is to make you stand out with style and be remembered.

Here at Studley's we believe web site design should focus on the following:

Take account of the needs and sensibilities of the Web Site's target audience

Use graphical elements appropriately to the demographic of its target audience

Complement a Website's central message

Use unifying elements to reinforce the design throughout the site

Impart trust in the website and, by association, its owners


We start our projects by understanding the scope and requirements. This is accomplished by working closely with you to make sure we are all on the same page. By this point we will all be the best of friends.


Following the initial kick-off meeting, we will outline your project, create milestones, and agree on project priorities. Now we have a strategic plan in place that aligns with your initial vision and makes your goals achievable.


The final design takes shape and, at this stage, the idea comes to life representing the visual concepts. Our creative development team reviews and revises the materials until it aligns with your goals.


Review and testing takes place, which ensures the quality of your project. We value your reputation and want to make sure it is correct. After this, we present your finished custom project and upon approval, your new website will be launched and promoted.

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